Stanton Chase: The Drive for Talent in the Techno Automotive World

A recent report from Stanton Chase discusses talent in the automotive industry and what that talent looks like now that the line between technology and the automotive industries have become blurred.

Automakers have rushed to create the vehicles and create niches in particular markets. As a result of this competition to be on the cutting-edge meant the integration of technology into the automotive space. Technology began with automatic windows and doors, but has moved to a point where technology has taken over the driver's seat, allowing passengers to ride in driverless vehicles.

The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the large suppliers have realized the technology behind autonomous vehicles is not their core competency, but it is the domain of high-tech companies, thus the introduction of companies such as Apple, Google, Uber, and others into the automotive space.

While the automotive industry has typically been concentrated in Detroit, many high-tech firms are located in Silicon Valley. This is causing a developing “war for talent” between the automotive companies and the high-tech firms in California. Attracting top talent to Detroit is not easy consequently, many OEMs are opening technical centers in California. Meanwhile, some of the California-based high tech companies are opening shop in Detroit.

Talent raids and leadership transitions in the techno automotive industry are happening at an incredibly rapid speed Competition is fierce, and recruiting companies must offer the right compensation with the right benefits to the right candidate at the right time in the right place in order to be successful.

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