Slayton Search Partners: Exploring the Return-to-Work Dynamics

The “turnover tsunami” has ravaged most every industry, with millions of US workers, from the frontlines to the c-suite, leaving their jobs in the spring and early summer of 2021. Mostly, these moves are in favor of better work-life balance, higher wages, and more attractive benefits and perks. In seeking to find a balance between recruitment and retention, many leaders find themselves skirting delicate issues of vaccinations, protective measures, and evolving CDC recommendations.

This is especially true in many sub-sectors of the financial industry, particularly those driven by traditional values and legacy infrastructure. However, each niche is unique. Banking, fintech, and wealth management, in particular, make an interesting trio. Return-to-work policies (especially in light of the Delta variant of COVID-19) look vastly different in each sector, and there are lessons to be learned across the board.

Slayton Search Partners explores these industry sectors and how the dynamic of work will evolve. These topics are outlined in the article: 

  • Big banks are keeping people close
  • Fintech stays on trend
  • Wealth management rolls with the punches
  • Bottom line

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Stuart Smith
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