Raines International: Industrial Real Estate

Consumers’ increased online shopping and delivery needs have upended the traditional commercial real estate market, leading to the industrial and logistics space quickly becoming the hottest sector. Raines International spoke with dozens of executives about the state of the Industrial/Logistics real estate sector to take the pulse of the industry.

The article outlines the following themes: 

  • The last mile
  • Staying a step ahead of technology and other needs
  • e-Commerce is taking over brick-and-mortar retail

The development side will be moving fast, and e-Commerce will continue to thrive as millennials remain in their prime spending years. As companies need faster delivery speed and improved supply chain logistics, the space should prepare for disruption and seek creativity in transitioning office space, brick-and-mortar stores, and other dwindling real estate prospects to fill the rising demand for industrial real estate.

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Engy Lamour & Meghan Dumser
Thought leadership category