Pearson Partners: Oil & Gas Executive Outlook 2015

Pearson Partners released the findings of their recent survey of senior executives across the oil and gas energy industry. In the report are trends, issues and challenges they expect to see in 2015. The outlook for 2015 is gloomy—primarily due low oil prices. When asked how they expect their industry to perform in 2015 compared to 2014, 59% said they expected their industry to perform moderately to significantly worse.

The findings predict a challenging 2015 for the oil and gas industry with lower oil and gas prices expected to continue, it will lead to reduction in headcount. The low cost also means that there will be more M&A activity within the oil and gas industry. However, the longer five year outlook is a bit more optimistic, with most companies and industry segments predicted to perform better in the long run.

The full report is published on Pearson Partners International’s website. Read the full report.


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