IIC Partners: Trends Driving Change in the International Energy Sector

IIC Partners has published a white paper discussing the changes occurring in the energy industry. The energy industry is being shaped by a shortage of leadership talent, alternative energy sources and the fall of crude oil prices.

Given the scarcity of talent within the energy industry, one possible solution to fill the leadership role is to explore executive talent from alternative industries. However the report finds that many companies are not interested in hiring candidates from different industries. While those from outside of the energy industry may have a hard time landing a role, the demand for cross industry experience within the sector is high. Another solution to fill the talent gap is to ensure education and training to equip the next generation of energy industry leaders.

Another important aspect in the energy industry is retaining the talent they do have in place. Due to the shortage of leadership, senior executives are often approached to change companies. In this industry climate it is important that organizations work hard to hold onto the talent they have.

The full report is published on IIC Partner’s website. Read the full report.


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