Buffkin/Baker: 2020 Trends for Higher Education Institutions

By any conceivable measure, 2020 was a year of change and disruption nationally, as well as globally, facing enough potentially life-altering events to last a lifetime. Institutions of higher education were not immune to the realities of these events and the enormity of their impact. Many of these institutions were thrust into some level of crisis that created multiple challenges with scenarios where quick decisions were necessary, while information was often limited. Institutions learned to pivot quickly, and many made substantial changes that affected students, parents, faculty, and staff.

Learn more about which attitudes, adaptations, and/or changes adopted or employed by educational institutions are likely to, or should, remain for some time to come in Buffkin/Baker's Higher Education whitepaper. What's next for higher education?

  • Willingness and necessity to facilitate and embrace change, especially rapid change.
  • Innovation and creativity in planning, especially strategic planning.
  • Renewed and legitimate focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Realistic budgeting adjusted to fit current realities, revenue growth, and allocation of resources.
  • Technology effects in the workplace and on educational diversity.
  • Faculty and student campus experience.
  • Addressing mental health and well-being.
  • The need for exceptional and talented leaders, and not just in the President's/Chancellor's office.

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Martin Baker and Ken Carrick
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