Key Search: Solutions for Executive Search Ghosting: The No-Show Dilemma

In the executive search industry, we are increasingly confronted with a significant challenge that has sparked extensive discussion: Candidate Ghosting, also known as the ‘NO SHOW’ problem. This phenomenon occurs when candidates, after agreeing to a job offer and signing a contract, decide to withdraw their commitment. The issue tends to emerge either just before the candidate is scheduled to start their new position or within a few weeks of signing the contract.

Key Search is committed to proactively addressing this issue, with an objective to detect potential instances of ghosting or no-shows at the earliest opportunity and to offer our clients comprehensive support throughout the recruitment process. In their latest article, they cover a range of topics including:

  • Why Are Candidates Pulling a Houdini?
  • Is Candidate Ghosting a New Trend?
  • The Role of Psychological Comfort
  • Your Partner in Smooth Sailing
  • And More!

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Leonie Fehr
Thought leadership category