Slayton Search Partners: Embracing Sustainability Why the Future of Insurance is Green

As environmental risks escalate around the globe, the insurance industry faces a predicament. Increasing demand for climate-related coverage—particularly through catastrophe, life, and property insurance—is advancing the sector’s growth. And yet the heightened use of policies to alleviate natural disaster costs puts profitability at risk as claims costs soar. Between January and June 2023, severe thunderstorms alone led to a record-breaking $34 billion in insured losses in the U.S. 

In this article by Executive Vice President of Slayton Search Partners, Jay DʻAprile, we delve into the topics of:

  • The Shift Toward Sustainability
  • Environmental Responsibility in the Insurance Sector
  • Driving Consumer Sustainability
  • The Path Forward for Sustainability in the Insurance Industry


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Jay DʻAprile
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