Spencer Stuart: The New CMO: ‘Showing Up’ In A Time Of Crisis

How do you meet immediate needs with an eye toward sustaining longer-term viability? And how do you maintain an effective, engaged and motivated team while leading virtually? At Spencer Stuart's 18th CMO Summit, a panelist of leading marketers discussed the changes in how business is being run since the impact of COVID-19.

The new digital normal: the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly transformed the customer dynamic at their companies, as consumers stayed home and expanded their digital footprints. The question of the moment is whether these changes are here to stay.

Virtual leadership: Leadership is critically important during any crisis, however 2020 has been unique in that top executives have been forced to lead remotely. In companies big and small, team dynamics have changed, pushing those in charge to be more purposeful with their communication.

Remaining forward-thinking: How are companies creating an organization that is more representative of its customers?

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