Tyler & Company: What to Expect When a Long-Term CEO Retires

Tyler & Company has recently retained plenty of searches for CEOs, most due to long-term leaders retiring. They share their insights on how to handle this change.

When a long-term chief executive officer decides to retire or leave a hospital/health system, there is a chance for a huge cultural shift. It not only affects the C-suite, but it spreads to all areas of the hospital. In July of 2018, Becker’s Hospital Review reported 57 health system CEO resignations from the first and second quarter of the year. 

The rise of long-tenured CEO retirement in the health care industry allows the board and employees of the organization to embrace a new opportunity – a new chapter. A new CEO on the horizon provides organizational growth. While it may be uncomfortable, this is the chance for the board to impact their hospital/health system’s future. So, what should board members expect when a long-term CEO retires?

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