Stanton Chase: Czech Republic CEO Survey 2015

Stanton Chase released their fourth annual Czech CEO survey. According to the responses received it is difficult for businesses to find key specialists, but relatively easy to find top management talent in the Czech Republic. 50% of respondents said they were recruiting only from within the Czech Republic, 34% from Central Europe, 11% Europe and 5% worldwide.

The following are topics Stanton Chase asked CEOs:

  • How optimistic are you about the economic development of the Czech Republic in the next 12 months?
  • Which market sectors do you think will positively develop in the Czech Republic in 2015?
  • How would you describe the last year for your company in terms of business success?
  • What do you think organizations seek from their CEOs in order to stay competitive in the local & regional markets?
  • How easy it is to find candidates?

The full report is published on Stanton Chase’s website. Read the full report.


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