Spencer Stuart: Why Your Team’s Not Working: How CEOs Can Foster World-Class Leadership Teams

How Do I Unleash My Team?

For the CEO of a regional utility company, this question was central to her vision for transforming the company. As in many industries, companies in the sector face growing pressure to become nimbler and more customer-centric in the face of emerging competition. Transforming the organization to meet these challenges required new rules of engagement for the leadership team. Instead of silos, they needed coordinated effort. Instead of independent initiatives — “different chapters of the same book” — they needed a shared understanding of the vision and priorities for the business and a clear sense of how the work of individual departments and businesses tied together.

The CEO plays the ultimate role in cultivating a high-performing team by creating the conditions that allow the team — and the larger organization — to work together toward shared objectives. CEOs with high-performing teams take responsibility for the development of the kind of team the organization needs to achieve its strategic aspirations.

Authors from Spencer Stuart offer 7 questions CEOs can use to start thinking about what’s working and what’s not in their team.

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