Senn Delaney “a Heidrick & Struggles Company”: Creating a Culture of Agility Should Be the CEO’s Top Strategy

In a recent article Senn Delaney explained that creating a culture of agility should be a CEO’s top priority.  The idea behind culture of agility is being able to adapt without having to change. Agile organizations are able to adjust as circumstances change. Significant amounts of research have linked a culture of agility with profitable growth. Massachusetts Institute of Technology research found that agile firms increase revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profits than non-agile companies.

CEOs need to take a good look at their organization to better understand how agile their company really is. Senn Delaney believes CEOs should consider the following questions: Are we changing as fast as the world around us? Is our culture enabling or impeding?

The full article is published on Senn Delaney’s website. Read the full article.


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