Pearson Partners: New Study Reveals the Paths to Leadership

2013 marked a year of high leadership turnover in the oil and gas sector. To better understand CEO trends in the global energy sectors, Pearson Partners analyzed the education, experience and background of CEOs from the largest publically traded U.S. and international oil and gas companies.

Among the findings:

  • 44.4% earned engineering degrees, 28.6% earned business degrees, 17.1% earned degrees in geology, and the remaining 9.9% held other degrees.
  • 28.6% of the CEOs had earned an MBA
  • Average tenure for an oil and gas CEO is 4.5 years
  • A large and diverse executive talent pool is needed for growth
  • Gender diversity is slowly improving
  • The industry is increasingly separating the role of CEO from chairman

The full report is published on Pearson Partners International. Read the full report.


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