Underwood Executive: 8 Tips For An Executive Resume In 2021

The executive resume is a sales tool – it is a preview document with the goal of winning an interview.  The resume is not a document to tell the interviewer everything about you. It’s an appetizer, a taste of what skills and competencies you have to offer as a high performer. 

The best resumes are visually appealing, easy to read and have very little narrative and more dot point facts and figures

If you want your CV noticed, ask yourself what is the most remarkable and significant information as an executive that I want to get across? What skills have I developed to achieve success so far in my career? What makes me more appealing to hire than another executive? What can I bring to the table that potentially others can’t? What do I want to be known for? It is the answer to these questions that you need to prioritize.

Underwood Executive gives tips to produce an effective executive resume:

  • Short & sweet
  • Personal details
  • Give yourself a title
  • Competencies & key words
  • Career summary
  • Company descriptions
  • Dates
  • Career History 

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