Salveson Stetson Group: The Return of the Finance Talent War

Senior executive hiring has returned at an increased pace over pre-pandemic levels in recent months. Pent-up demand, stimulus-induced growth, and less-than-predicted economic damage have many organizations aggressively seeking to bring in new leadership talent. This year is already among the top five years of recruitment activity. It may well go higher, barring no major unpredicted adverse health, macroeconomic, or geopolitical events.

John Touey, of Salveson Stetson Group, explains if an organization doesn’t have a model responsive to employees’ new expectations, current team members may leave for a firm that does. He highlights the following topics in the article: 

  • Flexibility in Work Location
  • Career Pathing
  • Anticipate a Deeper Impact
  • Compensation
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Diversity Focus
  • Company Values

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John Touey
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