Humanitas/Cornerstone International Group: Directors - From Ethics to Practice

Below is a short summary of a new article written for Pulse by Alejandra Aranda, President of Humanitas / Cornerstone International Group in Chile. Now that we are in the middle of a period of renewal of boards of directors in many companies in Chile, it is worth discussing the capabilities, skills and, especially, the ethical behavior and integrity of those who direct (and also of those who make up) the organizations.

Alejandra also discusses the main challenges when forming a board of directors.

  • This new economic, political, social and (above all) technological environment has forced companies to rethink, adapt and innovate.
  • All of the above has generated the emergence (necessary) of new leadership profiles and new roles within corporate governance.

This article was originally published for by Alejandra Aranda, President of Humanitas/Cornerstone International Group in Spanish.

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