Eton Bridge Partners: ESG, Board Responsibility and The Impact of COVID

Eton Bridge Partners recently hosted a webinar in partnership with NEDA (the Non-Executive Director’s Association) to discuss the growing importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) on the Board agenda and how this has been impacted by COVID.

Topics discussed in this article:

  • The Rise of ESG: ESG criteria are now key to a company’s ability to attract and retain investments from funds who have a ‘socially responsible’ investment strategy.
  • Playing The ESG Card: The rise in responsible investing has resulted in some 25% of the world’s investment funds now only investing in companies demonstrating solid ESG credentials.
  • The 5Rs of ESG: The global pandemic has resulted in Boards very quickly re-assessing their ESG position, especially the Social and Governance aspects.
  • ESG and NEDs: NEDs bring a range of capabilities and competencies to the boardroom table around: Knowledge + Skills + Attributes + Experience.
  • What Should Boards Focus On?

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Louise Chaplin
Thought leadership category