Diversified Search: The Secret Sauce For Raising Board Performance

The need for high-performing and accountable board leadership is ever increasing as the complexities of the business environment continue to dramatically change. How can boards keep up and optimally operate in these dynamic and often volatile markets?

Board assessments continue to be a great tool and resource to the board, but they have to go beyond the same old, same old and should be focused on the skills and strengths directors bring to the boardroom.

According to Diversified Search, there are numerous reasons to do a board assessment:

  • Some countries require them by law.
  • Some boards use them to decide whether a member should be re-elected.
  • Some boards use them to identify what characteristics new members need to bring to the table to best complement the existing team.
  • In other cases, chairs use them to gain insights into how they can develop and optimize the board.

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