Bedford Consulting Group: Cannabis Industry's Executive and Board Compensation in Canada and US

A new report from Bedford Consulting Group highlights:

  • Brendan Kennedy of Tilray Inc., earned this highest total overall compensation in 2019 at $31,817,459, with equity compensation making up 97% of this total.
  • Median total compensation ranged widely, from $27,278 for directors at companies with a market cap under $100 million, up to $241,830, for directors at companies with market cap over $1 billion.
  • At the 50th percentile, Cannabis CEO total compensation was $1,712,759 for companies over $1 billion in market cap . By comparison, CEOs at the same 50th percentile and market cap in the Dietary Supplements and Food and Beverage industry earned $4,632,015.
  • 38% of Cannabis companies had at least one female board member. However, only 8% of the 437 Named Executive Officers were female.

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