Leathwaite: The 2022 Global HR Survey

The Leathwaite annual Global HR survey recently released new insights into the current trends in HR. Such trends include budgets and headcounts, mental health, and the great resignation.

The report summarizes the input of 350 global HR leaders with the majority being CHROs. The results were surprising and 20% of the HR leaders admitted that they will likely resign without another job lined up. These results are most likely due to HR leaders feeling less valued than they did in 2020. 

Leathwaite's survey covered a wide variety of topics and the following statistics are just a couple of their findings:

  • 47% of respondents back in the office 2-3 days on average
  • More traditional sectors like Private Equity are back in the office 4-5 days (58%)
  • 60% of HR leaders stating that new starters must be vaccinated


Read the full report here

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