Purpose. People. Progress.

Insights on culture in a time of uncertainty. 

The majority of leaders around the world have identified the need to lead with purpose—investing in employees, protecting the environment, dealing fairly and ethically with suppliers and contributing positively to their communities. Attracting and retaining top talent remains a top issue identified by CEOs around the world. These same CEOs place digital transformation, innovative cultures, and developing the next generation of leaders at the top of their agendas.

In our research from a survey of nearly 300 C-level business leaders, we have focused on purpose-driven leadership and culture, diverse and innovative people and teams, and business progress driven through innovation and digital transformation.

Our C-suite respondents have identified critical areas where they need outside advisors. This includes leadership team effectiveness; accelerating digital transformation; organization culture, talent and strategy alignment; preparing the next generation of leaders and strategic workforce planning. Leadership and transformation are top priorities and AESC Members are well-positioned to support organizations in creating a strong, diverse, innovative leadership team that can lead through a dramatic time of change.

We offer these insights to help you: 

  • Strengthen your organizations

  • Inspire new ways of thinking about your leadership teams

  • Better understand how leadership can lead to an effective or toxic culture

  • Discover the top qualities organizations are striving to achieve

  • And more


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