Optimism as a Competitive Advantage


Global Executive Viewpoint: AESC’s 2023 client survey of over 1300 executives uncovers what leaders worldwide are saying about talent, culture, tech, and what it takes to lead in the current business environment.

Insights Include:

  • Top Key to Attracting and Retaining Talent: Purpose, Vision and Mission
  • Top Tech Priority: Cyber Security
  • Top Emerging Priority: Artificial Intelligence
  • Top DEI Engagement Strategy: Foster a Safe and Inclusive Culture
  • Top Leadership Competency: Emotional Intelligence

Also: Learn how leaders prioritize sustainability by region, how executive candidates and organizational leaders are aligned on driving change, and why optimism is a competitive advantage.

AESC’s outlook on the years ahead is optimism. Despite the uncertainty the future holds – economic, political and technological -– the most successful leaders focus on turning challenges into opportunities with a lens of “realistic optimism.”

This mindset combined with a clear understanding of the importance of retaining current talent and attracting new talent promotes growth, innovation, and operational efficiency. Combining the right talent with the right strategies and culture creates the strongest adaptability, a competitive advantage to leaders, teams, and organizations worldwide. Learn more in our 2023 client survey report, “Optimism as a Competitive Advantage.”

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