An Examination of Stress in the C-Suite

Under Pressure: Stress in the C-Suite

Hogan Assessment Systems Examines Stress in the Workplace

In response to rising workplace stress and its high costs, AESC partner Hogan Assessment Systems developed a report highlighting the impact of stress on leaders and prescribing ways to identify coping behaviors.

This report examines how high levels of stress led to the Great Resignation, how to improve the well-being of the C-suite, understanding the role personality plays, and how assessments can uncover types of stress responses. Under Pressure: Stress in the C-Suite dives into the Hogan Development Survey, which measures counterproductive personality characteristics, enabling leaders to identify and take corrective action to reduce stress.

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Gain critical insights about stress in the C-suite:

  • How Personality Impacts Stress
  • The Darkside of Personality in Leadership
  • 3 Stress Response Categories and 11 Derailers
  • How to use the Hogan Development Survey to Combat Stress
  • And much more