AESC and Cluen Corporation Announce 21-Year Global Partnership Serving the Executive Search Profession

The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC), the global professional organization that represents leading executive search and advisory firms globally, and Cluen Corporation, a world leader in executive search software solutions, today announced their renewed partnership. The strategic alliance represents the commitment of both organizations to exemplary service to the executive search profession.

The partnership combines the expertise of AESC's global membership in finding, attracting and developing the best talent in the world with Cluen’s customized industry-leading software and more than two decades of practice servicing the executive search sector.

“Having the right technology is critical for every business today, including for executive search and advisory firms. AESC members play such an important role for today’s organizations and they must be sure they have the right software to successfully conduct business,” said Karen Greenbaum, President and CEO of AESC. “The best firms in our profession are diligent in selecting the right technology solutions for their organizations, just as clients are in choosing their executive talent advisors. We are pleased to partner again with Cluen—a dedicated leader in executive search software.”

Andrew Shapiro, CEO of Cluen Corporation commented: “Cluen is more focused than ever on the unique needs of the executive search community as well as providing value to all AESC members. We have taken a proactive search-centric approach to GDPR by innovating and integrating new technology solutions that will save time and solve complex situations. With less than four months until GDPR takes full effect, search firms need to be comfortable and knowledgeable about their database complianceWe are proud to have been a trusted partner of AESC for over 20 years and look forward to continuing to provide AESC members with the best tools for executive search.”

About Cluen Corporation

Cluen has provided software to executive search firms globally since 1990. Cluen’s cloud-based solution, EncoreOne, allows you to track relational data and automate your recruitment process. Cluen's technology is developed in-house, and their consulting and support staff have decades of combined experience in the retained-search space. Cluen’s experts consult with search firms around the world on best practices for relationship-driven search and data compliance. Visit www.cluen.com or email info@cluen.com to learn more.

About the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants

AESC is the voice of excellence for the executive search and leadership consulting profession worldwide. Its rigorous Code of Professional Practice guides our members in nearly 1,300 offices in 74 countries and beyond to serve as strategic advisors on behalf of their clients. In turn, AESC members are best positioned to provide companies with a competitive advantage—the ability to find, attract and develop the best talent in the world and ensure that executives are successfully integrated.