Witt/Kieffer Expands Global Reach

Leading executive search firm Witt/Kieffer announced today its recent acquisition of Witt/Kieffer Ccentric Limited to create Witt/Kieffer International Limited. The agreement reflects the outright purchase of the entity from its joint venture partner, Ccentric Group of Australia, with which it had collaborated since 2015.

Serving clients in healthcare, education, and the life sciences with their executive recruiting needs, Witt/Kieffer International will be headquartered in London with the ability to conduct searches worldwide. Witt/Kieffer president and CEO Andrew P. Chastain will oversee business operations with full support from the Witt/Kieffer executive team and board as well as Witt/Kieffer International general managers Natalie Derry, based in the U.K., and Petra Klerken, based in Hong Kong.

“This move is about better serving global markets in our client industries. It allows us to realize goals that we have had since forming the joint venture and officially expanding our business internationally: to be a truly global executive search firm and to better support our clients in healthcare, education, academic medicine, and the life sciences, wherever their executive talent needs may exist,” said Chastain. “Witt/Kieffer International will allow us to identify and find top executive leaders on a much broader scope and scale, and to go where client organizations need us. Today’s executive talent marketplace requires that leading search firms have a global reach and expertise, which we have been building for many years now.”

“For longstanding clients of our firm, we will continue to provide exceptional support in executive talent needs, as Witt/Kieffer has done in the U.S. for nearly 50 years,” Chastain added.