Vanderbloemen Partners with Jenni Catron and the 4Sight Group

Vanderbloemen is thrilled to partner with Jenni Catron as a strategic business partner. When you partner with Vanderbloemen, you get access to their network, which extends beyond the in-house team to their strategic partners who are experts in their field serving Christian organizations.

Their partners refer clients to Vanderbloemen that are looking to hire the right team member, and they refer their clients to their partners in each of their areas of expertise.

Together, Vanderbloemen helps clients win in building the best team possible. Jenni is a leader who loves “putting feet to vision” to help churches build healthy staff cultures. As the founder of the 4Sight Group, a consulting group focused on developing healthy leaders and thriving organizations through coaching, consulting, and culture workshops, she is an expert on organizational culture and will help connect Vanderbloemen clients in the process of building great culture, something Vanderbloemen deeply believes in and supports in staffs and organizations.

The 4Sight Group and Vanderbloemen believe that leadership is sacred work. Leaders have the remarkable privilege of leading teams of individuals to accomplish great outcomes. Yet nothing about this task is easy. Leadership is challenging, complex, frustrating and still enormously rewarding. In today’s leadership environment the pace of change and growth is dizzying and the expectation to keep pace with it all can be debilitating.

That’s where the strategic partnership with Jenni comes in. As a leader with endless potential, you’ve been entrusted with the responsibility of leadership for this season. The 4Sight Group, through a 12-month engagement diving deep into the heart, mind, strength, and soul of your organization, commits to helping you thrive as you work through these building blocks of leadership. The 4Sight Group provide the tools, training, coaching and consulting to help you assess the critical moments in your organization and give you the tools to lead through them. Their ultimate goal is to equip you with the foresight to realize the extraordinary outcomes you’re seeking.