Tyler & Company Partners with Hospital Services Corporation, a Subsidiary of the New Mexico Hospital Association

Tyler & Company is proud to partner with Hospital Services Corporation a subsidiary of the New Mexico Hospital Association , an integral organization that continually aims to improve healthcare in the state of New Mexico.

About HSC: Hospital Services Corporation (HSC) was formed in 1985 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the New Mexico Hospital Association (NMHA). Originally established to develop and offer services to the NMHA member hospitals, HSC has evolved and diversified its services to attract a broader range of healthcare customers such as health plans, physician offices, and medical clinics, as well as large and small businesses outside of the healthcare industry. Customers include those based in New Mexico and in eighteen other states.

About NMHA: As a trusted, authoritative leader on both a state and national level, NMHA represents its membership on legislative, regulatory and public policy issues that affect citizen health in New Mexico. NMHA is a vital source for hospital data used to elicit developmental efforts and initiatives in healthcare. Its members include hospitals, health networks, ambulatory facilities, home health agencies, and a variety of affiliate groups throughout the state that make up the voice of healthcare in New Mexico. Through NMHA, members have access to local, state/national policy makers, health care business leaders, and influential consumer groups. NMHA provides a forum for addressing relevant healthcare issues in which healthcare leaders from across the state collaborate to discuss ideas and generate effective solutions. Additionally, NMHA offers exclusive access to shared services including physician credentialing, background investigation, loss prevention programs, insurance and employee benefit programs, and more.

About Tyler & Company: As one of the first executive search firms to specialize in healthcare, Tyler & Company has offered customized, high-touch service to our clients for 40 years and counting. As a boutique firm specializing in healthcare and academic life sciences, Tyler & Company and its highly-experienced consultants offer transparent, industry-best and cost-effective services to guarantee our clients the best fit for their custom C-Suite needs – both interim and permanent. Tyler & Company is known as one of the strongest healthcare-focused executive search firms in the United States. It regularly ranks in Modern Healthcare’s list of ‘Largest Healthcare Executive Search Firms’ as well as Forbes list of ‘America’s Best Executive Search Firms. Tyler & Company is one of 16 companies owned by Jackson Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare staffing and technology companies in the United States. Jackson Healthcare impacts more than six million patients in over 1,300 healthcare facilities each year, successfully fulfilling their mission to improve the delivery of patient care and the lives of everyone they touch.

Our valued partnership: Tyler & Company shares values with NMHA as well as the subsidiary Hospital Services Corporation in that we strive to improve healthcare across the board. We make an impact in the healthcare industry by matching outstanding, well-qualified, adaptable leaders within healthcare facilities and systems, thus inflicting positive change and a powerful impact within the incessant shift of the healthcare realm. The principal goal to improve patient care and increase patient satisfaction requires fearless leaders who accept the constant challenges that healthcare imposes. With common goals and initiatives and a mutual access to state and national legislative public policies, Tyler & Company couples with NMHA through a desire and intention to create synergy in tackling the obstacles of an ever-changing healthcare environment with a never-changing objective of providing immaculate patient care.

We are excited to begin a new journey and a long-lasting relationship with such a reputable organization. We proudly welcome New Mexico Hospital Association to our exclusive slate of partners.