TRANSEARCH International Partners Opens Office in Indonesia

TRANSEARCH International recently opened new offices in Indonesia, strengthening its presence in the Asia Pacific region.

The team in Jakarta is headed up by David Wongso and Maria Magdalena.

David Wongso is an experienced search professional with 23 years’ experience, finding leaders and senior level talent in financial institutions, conglomerates, multinationals, state-owned enterprises and emerging Indonesian unicorns (e-commerce, digital corporations with valuations above 1 bio USD). David has an MBA in General Management from Monash University and Magister Management degree from IPMI Business School.

Maria Magdalena has 20 years’ corporate experience in Human Resources Management with a focus on Financial Services but also Retail, Pharmaceutical, and Health Services. She has degrees in Human Resource Management and Psychology.

David shares: “Maria and I are thrilled to be joining TRANSEARCH and we look forward to making a significant impact and contribution to leadership acquisition and development in Indonesia, predicted to become the world’s 6th largest economy by 2030. Indonesia has a huge talent demand and face ongoing talent gaps and we are privileged to be in a position to partner not only with our clients to help their businesses grow, but also with executive talent on their leadership journey.”

Celeste Whatley, CEO of TRANSEARCH International Partners says: "Indonesia’s place in Asia Pacific and indeed within the world has never been more important, not only because of its strategic geographic location but because of its robust economy and society. It has a huge potential to contribute greatly to the Asia economy in future. David Wongso and his team are a welcome addition to strengthening our Asia Pacific team. David is relentless in his pursuit of excellence and as such shares the TRANSEARCH values of delivering uncompromising quality service to our clients!”