Stanton Chase Switzerland Announces New Payment Methods

The Stanton Chase Switzerland team is pleased to announce that it will now accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as payment methods, reflecting a continuing engagement in developing solutions around market and customer requirements.

Lucas Schellenberg, Managing Partner of Stanton Chase Zurich, made the announcement.

“It is key for an executive search firm and a leading brand such as Stanton Chase to innovate solutions around the global markets and customer requirements. Therefore, our decision to accept these main crypto currencies as means of payment is part of our strategic roadmap in continuously developing our Technology Practice Group.”

Stanton Chase Switzerland is one of the first executive search firms worldwide to accept cryptocurrency payments, and the change reflects the Stanton Chase “client first” philosophy. The customer base around organizations in a post-ICO phase has been increasing steadily and running on ERC 20 tokens (Ethereum Blockchain). Therefore, it was a logical step for Stanton Chase to align itself with customers on all levels.

Stanton Chase is committed to continued innovations that provide quality solutions for all stakeholders in the rapidly changing digital environment.