Stanton Chase Participates in African American Board Leadership Institute Panel

Ed Savage, a veteran executive search professional, recently participated in the African American Board Leadership Institute’s (AABLI)  “Pathways to Corporate Board Series,” a panel discussion advising attendees on issues related to securing board positions as a way to further careers in both the non-profit and public sectors.

Savage is a managing director of the Los Angeles office of Stanton Chase (, a global retained executive search firm with more than 70 offices in 45 countries. He is also one of the co-founders of Stanton Chase.

“It was a distinct pleasure to join other search professionals in this panel discussion,” said Savage. “We covered a wide range of topics which, hopefully, will guide these outstanding individuals as they pursue new career opportunities and learn how securing seats on public and private boards of directors can be helpful. These leaders are motivated and see the value of serving their communities and they will make a difference as they move forward.”

Savage spoke about numerous topics that educated attendees on the process of board selection and how these positions can enhance future corporate and non-profit opportunities. The following are several of the topics that were addressed during the lively discussions:

  • The executive search process
  • The difference between CEO and board searches
  • Nominating criteria
  • Skills that are transferrable from non-profit to board searches
  • Research strategies that can be implemented to find open board positions
  • How board positions can enhance career opportunities and demonstrate unique skills

“Those who secure board positions are regarded as unique individuals,” said Savage. “Some may have built a business and want to establish a legacy. There are many benefits. Serving on a board can be helpful in transitioning from a public to private sector position.  People aspiring to serve on boards tend to look beyond their immediate positions with a desire to give back. They have a sense of appreciation and want to provide benefit and leadership through these board positions. These individuals are continually seeking ways to contribute.”

Savage stressed that those attending the AABLI program are those with strong social consciences which can also be recognized as assets as they pursue other career opportunities.

“As people move up the corporate ladder, organizations look for experiences that distinguish candidates,” said Savage. “Serving on boards clearly does that. These experiences stand out to search professionals since they show that an individual is willing to give their time to benefit other organizations through participating on boards. They are leaders who stand out because they are making a difference.”

About the African America Board Leadership Institute

The African American Board Leadership Institute (AABLI) was established in 2011 to develop a pipeline of qualified African American candidates for membership on governing boards. Its mission is to significantly increase the representation of well-qualified African American individuals on boards and in critical board leadership positions, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of governing boards and better reflecting the diversity of the communities they serve.

AABLI’s target populations are 1) African American professionals who wish to serve on governing boards, and 2) organizations (nonprofits, foundations, commissions and corporations) seeking skilled professionals and ethnic diversity on their boards.

The mission of the African American Board Leadership Institute is to strengthen nonprofit, public and private organizations through recruiting, preparing and placing African Americans on a broad range of governing boards.