Stanton Chase donates $20,000 to Habitat for Humanity in Alberta

The Calgary office of Stanton Chase announced a $20,000 donation to Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta. The announcement was made by Christine Fisher, Managing Director with Stanton Chase in Calgary. The funds will help support the delivery of housing stability for working families and their children in Calgary and southern Alberta.

“What many working families need is the opportunity to build stability and self-reliance through affordable home ownership. A Habitat home can be a stabilizing and empowering force. The lives of these families are changed and their children can have a future that is now theirs for the making”, said Fisher.

Better living conditions and financial stability lead to improved health and childhood development, as well as the ability and flexibility to make forward-looking choices which support family life and growth. “Nearly half of all Albertans would struggle to meet their financial obligations if a paycheque was delayed for one week,” said Fisher. Single income parents, the majority of whom are women, face an even greater struggle finding safe and affordable housing.

“We are very grateful for the support Stanton Chase has provided us,” said Gerrad Oishi, President and CEO, Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta. “In addition to helping us build a strong leadership team, the funds Stanton Chase has donated contribute to our ability to bring safety, stability and self-reliance to Albertan families, and to offer a permanent and sustainable solution to the housing challenges faced by many working families.”

Habitat relies on the financial support of its numerous community partners and volunteers. “Through its donation, Stanton Chase is taking responsibility for getting involved and is making a difference for the families who will be purchasing our homes,” said Oishi.

The offices of Stanton Chase are led by local business leaders who care about their communities. “Strong and stable homes build strong and stable communities. We feel Habitat is the perfect opportunity for a high-impact community investment and we are thankful to be a part of the affordable housing solution in Alberta”, said Fisher.