Stanton Chase Announces New Luxury Products and Services Leader

To meet the expectations of a growing sector, Andy Lai, a Partner at Stanton Chase Korea, has been appointed as the new Luxury Products and Services Global Sector Leader. Andy has lived and worked in four different countries, ranging from Britain to China, giving him a unique perspective on cultural diversity and global market insights.  

Andy has over 27 years of experience working with multinational companies. His previous experience includes 10 years of sales and marketing exposure as Marketing Director for Greater China with Quiksilver, making him an expert in the largest segment of the luxury goods and services sector, luxury fashion. On top of that, he has 17 years of experience serving as an executive search consultant and corporate change consultancy expert. 

Andy will succeed Philippe Palacin, Managing Partner at Stanton Chase Paris and Lyon, who successfully led the Luxury Goods and Services practice for many years. Philippe will continue to be part of the Luxury Products and Services team. 

“Philippe has been an outstanding leader of our Luxury Goods and Services sector, guiding us to new heights with his expertise and vision. His contributions have been invaluable,” Milos Tucakovic, Global Practice Leader of Stanton Chase’s Consumer Products and Services practice, said. 

“At the same time, we are thrilled to have Andy succeed Philippe. With his vast experience in luxury goods and services, and his deep understanding of the global market, we know he will be an incredible asset to our Luxury Goods and Services sector. We are excited to see where he takes us next and are confident that he will help us achieve new levels of success,” Milos concluded. 

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