Stanton Chase Announces Appointment of Executive Director

Stanton Chase, a premier global executive search and leadership advisory firm with more than 75 offices in 45 countries, announced today that Franz Rois has been appointed to the position of Executive Director. Reporting to the board, Franz will provide strategic and operational support to assist in driving the development and expansion of the firm.

Franz has over 20 years of experience in management consulting and board-level management in leading international companies and has held the role of Global Marketing Director with Stanton Chase since 2016.

In his new role, Franz will provide strategic and operational support to assist in managing Stanton Chase. “My objective is to create value for shareholders through effective governance and performance management and to support the board and shareholders in achieving their goals and objectives,” he says. As Executive Director, Franz will have administrative, corporate commercial development, and operational responsibilities, as well as managing the IT and Marketing departments.

“We are very happy to welcome Franz in this new role,” says Jan-Bart Smits, International Chair at Stanton Chase. “We look forward to working with Franz to develop more effective and efficient strategies across the whole organization, aimed at continuous growth and expansion to better support our clients and candidates.”

Prior to joining Stanton Chase, Franz was a Partner and Director of a leading international management consulting company. In this role, he provided support to a range of large international companies in improving their strategy and operations and became a trusted adviser for many top executives. His consulting experience spans more than 20 countries in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.


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