Signium Announces New Consumer Goods and Services Practice Group Leader

Signium announces the appointment of Annelize van Rensburg as Leader of the Global Consumer Goods and Services Practice. She celebrates twenty years of executive search as one of the founding members of Talent Africa that became Signium Africa in 2017.

Annelize is fulfilling a critical role as successful practice groups are a key part of Signium’s strategy and Consumer Goods and Services accounts for more than 25% of Signium’s searches globally. Annelize’s industry experience spans a variety of sectors with a number of clients in the consumer, agriculture, hospitality, FMCG and health sciences field. She has experience in servicing multi-national companies with a specific focus on South Africa and the sub-Saharan region. She is based in South Africa.

Annelize takes over from Frances Kelly, who served as Practice Group leader for over three years and made a valuable contribution growing the group, improving the structure and quality of thought-leadership content on the global website, and effectively encouraging practice group members to contribute with new ideas and sub-groups.