Russell Reynolds Associates and pymetrics Announce Research Partnership Aimed at Reducing Bias in Executive Selection Decisions

Russell Reynolds Associates and pymetrics, a company that uses neuroscience data and AI to help global companies make their hiring and internal mobility more predictive and less biased, today announced a research partnership aimed at reducing bias in executive selection decisions by identifying the cognitive, social and emotional traits that differentiate those who ascend to (and succeed in) C-suite roles within large, complex organizations.

The research partnership will combine pymetrics’ innovative, AI- and neuroscience-powered approach to assessment with Russell Reynolds’ in-depth experience and expertise in the art and science of C-suite recruitment, succession and assessment.

Clarke Murphy, CEO of Russell Reynolds, stated, “C-suite roles are increasingly complex, and boards are rightly demanding a higher burden of proof when making selection decisions for these positions. That said, too many hiring managers still default to selecting candidates from central casting—or selecting the candidate that reminds them of themselves.” He continued, “We are excited to partner with pymetrics to shed greater light on the attributes that truly differentiate the best executives at the most complex companies and, in turn, to decrease bias in hiring for roles at this level. pymetrics has quickly established itself as a leader in the field, and for good reason: Their innovative, neuroscience-driven approach is proven to increase new-hire quality and reduce bias in selection decisions.”

“The world of hiring is fraught with bias, which leads to companies missing out on the best candidates for a role. This happens at all levels, including the C-suite,” said pymetrics CEO and co-founder Dr. Frida Polli. She continued, “We are excited to blend Russell Reynolds’ expertise in senior executive leadership decisions with our innovative approach in order to provide a roadmap that reduces bias and leads to higher-performing hires.”

The initial results of the research will be released in the spring of 2019, with findings set to be presented at a series of executive forums around the world.

About Russell Reynolds Associates

Russell Reynolds Associates is a global search and leadership advisory firm. Our 425+ consultants in 46 offices work with public, private and nonprofit organizations across all industries and regions. We help our clients build teams of transformational leaders who can meet today’s challenges and anticipate the digital, economic and political trends that are reshaping the global business environment. From helping boards with their structure, culture and effectiveness to identifying, assessing and defining the best leadership for organizations, our teams bring their decades of expertise to help clients solve their most complex leadership issues.

About pymetrics

Founded in 2013 by Harvard/MIT-trained PhDs, pymetrics uses neuroscience data and AI to help global clients like Unilever, Accenture and LinkedIn make their hiring and internal mobility more predictive and less biased. pymetrics replaces the resume as a first-pass filter by assessing candidates based on their true potential – their inherent cognitive and emotional make-up. Using algorithms that are trained on high-performing employees at a company, pymetrics builds a trait profile of a company's top performers to select best fit talent. These algorithms are then audited to remove any gender or ethnic bias. pymetrics also serves as a common application for candidates, ensuring that everyone finds their best-fit job, regardless of where they apply. With over 60 enterprise clients and offices in NYC, London, Singapore and Sydney, pymetrics is powering the future of hiring: efficient, predictive, and bias-free. More than one million job candidates around the world have played pymetrics' games and are live and compliant in 68 countries, in 16 languages and across web, Android and iOS apps. (