Progress Appoints an Advisory Board to Boost Development

Progress has just announced the appointment of an Advisory Board to boost its development. Drawing on the expert business knowledge and experience of Senior Advisors having held top-flight positions in leading companies, the Board’s main focus will be to provide support honing the firm’s strategic positioning, inspire the development of new services and contribute to enhancing its network.

Working in synergy with the firm’s partners, the Advisory Board’s mandate shall be four-fold:

  • sharing expert industry and operational knowledge and analysing change in organisations, management and lines of business,
  • informing partner deliberations to develop the offer,
  • helping to drive business development,
  • challenging the firm’s internal setup with a view to improving governance and performance.

As of today, the Progress Advisory Board is comprised of:

  • Gérard Aspar
  • Martine Bournerias
  • Yves Gabriel
  • Michel Lungart
  • Guy Maugis
  • Philippe Pauze
  • Jean-François Phan Van Phi
  • Jean-Pierre Séguret

Progress CEO Jean-Marc Danton stated that "The Progress Advisory Board is an excellent asset for development. This set of demanding yet caring experts will leverage their outstanding executive experience, providing valuable insights to keep ahead of changes in our line of business, challenging us and thus providing support as we forge our strategy."