PFM Donates Blood to Give Back to the Community

PFM Executive Search strives to make an impact at the community level by supporting a diversity of organizations that make a difference. Typically, we would close the office for a day and volunteer together once a quarter, but COVID made that challenging. We had to get creative, so during March, April, and May 2021, as part of our Spring Social Impact Initiative, PFM staff visited Canadian Blood Services donation centers to donate blood in support of our community’s healthcare needs. To encourage individual donations, a competition was established to get folks to donate and to inspire others to do the same.

Blood donations are vital to the well-being of the community and positively impact individuals in several ways. This is why PFM staff were excited to not only donate themselves but also encourage others to donate. At the end of the three months, some people were able to donate more than once!

This week is National Blood Donor Week, highlighting Canadian Blood Services’ role in providing lifesaving products to patients across Canada. Every 60 seconds, somebody in Canada needs access to lifesaving donated blood. Therefore, blood donors are needed every day, especially since donated blood only lasts up to 42 days.

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