Mayte Martínez, New Managing Director of Talengo

Talengo / TGCL, the global executive search and leadership consulting firm, has appointed Mayte Martínez as Managing Director. She will drive the firm's growth strategy both in Spain and internationally.

Mayte assumes the leadership of one of the most innovative firms in the sector, with a clear mandate to accelerate the transformation of services aligned with the new economy and future leadership models. For this purpose, Talengo’s founding partners have relied on this executive with a background in marketing and communication rather than consulting.

Talengo stands out for the strategic management of diversity as a lever for innovation and sustainability. Talengo aligns this strategy across its broad range of services (executive search, executive assessment, leadership consulting and board advisory) with the universal challenges of technological disruption and globalization.

Mayte Martínez holds a degree in Marketing & Business specializing in International Marketing from Florida International University (FIU) in Miami. She began her professional career as Director of External Relations at a business school until she joined the Marketing + Sales magazine of Wolters Kluwer’s group.

In 2001, she joined Talengo as Marketing & Communications Director. In 2005, she redesigned the methodologies and operating system of the firm’s services to achieve the ISO 9001 Certificate. In 2009, she took on a new role as the Organisation and Media Director with responsibilities in the Marketing & Communications, Human Resources, Finance and External Alliance divisions. She took part in the set-up of Talengo’s offices in Colombia and Mexico as well as in the rebranding from Norman Broadbent to Talengo.