IMD International Search Group Adds Board Director and Announces Two Reelections

IMD International Search Group Partners have elected a new Board member and prolonged the mandate of 2 others at their Annual General Assembly in Paris on April 27, 2019.

Simona Cremascoli, Partner at Carter & Benson, IMD member based in Milan, Italy, joins the IMD Board as Director in charge of internal communication of our organization. She comments: “I am very satisfied with the long-lasting international collaboration I have been keeping during the years with such a worldwide leading network as IMD International Search Group. It is definitely an enduring and very enriching and gratifying global partnership! I am very pleased with my recent election to the Board most of all because it is really a great honor for me to work with such outstanding international colleagues. Thank you very much for the trust you placed in me, I will do my best for sure!”

Besides, IMD is also pleased to announce that the mandates of Directors Daniel Lewczuk and Stéfan Danis were renewed.

The new composition of the IMD International Search Board is therefore as follows:

  • Dr. Matthias MOHR, President
  • Dr. Peter SUTTER, VP, Finance & Legal Affairs
  • Daniel LEWCZUK, Director, Eastern Europe expansion and IMD Strategy [renewed mandate]
  • Stéfan DANIS, Director, Meetings organization and Chief Revenue Officer [renewed mandate]
  • Anita OTTERHEIM HJALMARSSON, Director, Standards, Execution, Quality, Best practices, Leadership consulting
  • Rodolfo SOMMER, Director, Onboarding, Membership acquisition in South America
  • Jose Ruiz, Director, Marketing, External communication
  • Simona Cremascoli, Director, Internal communication [newly elected]

"This is a very positive outcome from this AGM: With two Directors continuing their good work and a new one onboarding, we are starting a new year on a good basis", says IMD President Matthias Mohr, Managing Partner at Dr. Heimeier & Partner, IMD Germany, adding: "As another Director, Gerard Ketelaar, Partner at Quaestus in the Netherlands, is retiring from the Board, I must also acknowledge, on behalf of the Board as well as on a personal note, how much we appreciated Gerard's input, commitment and enthusiasm over the years".