Hofer Tan Partners Expands With New Office In Hong Kong

Hofer Tan Partners expands its global operations with a new office in Hong Kong that will work closely with its Singapore Headquarters.

Hofer Tan Partners has announced the expansion of its global operations with a new office in Hong Kong to serve key Asian markets and meet rising client demand. The Hong Kong office will work closely with the existing headquarters in Singapore to offer region-wide excellence in all areas of executive search, board and leadership consulting.

Founded two decades ago in Europe by industry veterans, steady business growth and increasing global relationships led to the geographic expansion from Europe to Asia-Pacific. Known as a modern and dynamic firm, Hofer Tan Partners advises companies through cross-cultural hiring complexities by drawing from insights as long-time consultants working East and West.

Cecile Hofer, Co-Managing Partner and Founder Member of Hofer Tan Partners commented, “Expanding our business with a new permanent base in Hong Kong is driven by our desire to offer the highest level of service to our local and multinational client base in the region. In these times of business transformation and fast digitalisation, the new team in Hong Kong will help us to extend our talent management advisory practice for the next generation of emerging leaders, enabling companies to become more effective in talent development and acquisition.”

Hofer Tan Partners is an established member of IIC Partners, one of the world’s top ten executive search organisations, and benefits from seamless collaboration across more than 40 global offices. With the recent expansion into Hong Kong, Hofer Tan Partners continues its leadership role in the Asia-Pacific region and deeply strengthens IIC Partners’ cross-border search capabilities.

Thomas Hofer, Co-Managing Partner and Founder Member of Hofer Tan Partners, added, “We strongly believe that Hong Kong is and will remain one of the most important business centres in the world, and we are expanding into the market with a long-term view in mind. As a member firm of IIC Partners, we collaborate with expert consultants who are embedded in their local markets and industries across the world, resulting in a strong track record across all business sectors. The addition of experienced professionals and thought leadership consultants to our Hong Kong office will expand upon this cross-border, multi-market activity, and deliver on our vision for a multicultural and diverse team that reflects our clients.”

Christine Hayward, Executive Director of IIC Partners, commented,

“The continued growth and geographic expansion of Hofer Tan Partners is a testament to its highly accomplished and innovative team of senior partners. For over 30 years they have maintained an exceptional reputation among executive leaders around the world, and our strength in the Asia-Pacific region has been reinforced by this exciting move.”

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