Heidrick & Struggles Announces Promotions of Partners, Principals and Senior Client Principals across Executive Search and Heidrick Consulting

Heidrick & Struggles (Nasdaq: HSII) announced that as part of its annual promotions process, the firm promoted 23 Partners, 27 Principals and four Senior Client Principals in its Executive Search and Heidrick Consulting businesses globally.

“Heidrick & Struggles is proud to promote and develop leaders who exemplify our firm’s values and take an innovative, collaborative approach to working with their colleagues and teams and driving the future of leadership advisory services,” said Krishnan Rajagopalan, President and CEO, Heidrick & Struggles. “This outstanding group of consultants plays a critical role in advising our clients on their most important talent and human capital priorities, particularly as new ways of working continue to emerge and unique leadership demands arise.”

The promoted consultants are based in 25 cities across 14 countries.

Individuals promoted to Partner in 2022:

  • Scott Adams, Partner, Consumer Markets (Atlanta)
  • Edward Ashurst, Partner, Financial Officers (New York City)
  • Henry Bartlett, Partner, Financial Officers (Philadelphia)
  • William Bown, Partner, Financial Services (Hong Kong)
  • David Burd, Partner, Legal, Risk, Compliance & Government Affairs (Washington, D.C.)
  • Christina Cary, Partner, Global Technology & Services  (Washington, D.C.)
  • EY Eunyoung Choi, Partner, Global Technology & Services (Seoul)
  • Sarah Driscoll, Partner, Global Technology & Services (London)
  • Dr. Marion Fengler-Veith, Partner, Healthcare & Life Sciences (Zürich)
  • Amy Gupta, Partner, Technology Officers (New York City)
  • Alice Hurh, Partner, Healthcare & Life Sciences (Chicago)
  • Tanja Ivkovic, Partner, Healthcare & Life Sciences (Sydney)
  • Christine Kim Morse, Partner, Global Technology & Services (San Francisco)
  • Charles Pembroke, Partner, Industrial (Chicago)
  • Shashwika Ravishankar, Partner, Global Technology & Services (Singapore)
  • Camilla Reventlow, Partner, Global Technology & Services (Amsterdam)
  • John Rubinetti, Partner, Private Equity (New York City)
  • Jason Schmucker, Partner, Global Technology & Services (Washington, D.C.)
  • Clayton Sears, Partner, Industrial (Houston)
  • Scott Thompson, Partner, Financial Services (New York City)
  • Teraesa Vinson, Partner, CEO & Board (Los Angeles)
  • Dr. Roman Wecker, Partner, Industrial (Frankfurt)
  • Jennifer Wilson, Partner, Human Resources Officers (Dallas)
  • Individuals promoted to Principal in 2022:
  • Kostas Balasis, Principal, Financial Services (London)
  • Danielle Burwick, Principal, Industrial (Chicago)
  • Anne Comer, Principal, Heidrick Consulting (Toronto)
  • Jennifer Corvers, Principal, Global Technology & Services (Düsseldorf)
  • Michael Ethington, Principal, Industrial (Chicago)
  • Caitlin FitzGerald, Principal, CEO & Board (New York City)
  • Ana Fresno, Principal, Consumer Markets (Madrid)
  • Nicolas Giraud, Principal, Industrial (Paris)
  • Maryann Hamed, Principal, Global Technology & Services (San Francisco)
  • Bess Hawker, Principal, Industrial (New York City)
  • Suvi Kitchloo, Principal, Industrial (Dubai)
  • Brandon D. Lord, Principal, Global Technology & Services (Boston)
  • Caroline Malik, Principal, Financial Services (New York City)
  • Francesca Michel, Principal, Global Technology & Services (Washington, D.C.)
  • Adrian Nagy, Principal, Global Technology & Services (Copenhagen)
  • Laura Leigh Neville, Principal, Heidrick Consulting (New York City)
  • Rodney Ng, Principal, Industrial (Hong Kong)
  • Bryce O’Meara, Principal, Financial Services (New York City)
  • Beryl Ong, Principal, Consumer Markets (Toronto)
  • Unity Payton, Principal, Financial Services (Paris)
  • Lauren Ridge, Principal, Global Technology & Services (Boston)
  • Adam Rosner, Principal, Consumer Markets (Atlanta)
  • Théo Rotellini, Principal, Healthcare & Life Sciences (Paris)
  • Abby Rudman, Principal, Social Impact (Philadelphia)
  • Amelia Telford, Principal, Heidrick Consulting (London)
  • Brian Warner, Principal, Global Technology & Services (Boston)
  • John Young, Principal, Global Technology & Services (Singapore)

Individuals promoted to Senior Client Principal in 2022:

  • Chris Brookfield, Senior Client Principal, Heidrick Consulting (Washington, D.C.)
  • Cynthia Emrich, Senior Client Principal, Heidrick Consulting (Washington, D.C.)
  • Amy Miller, Senior Client Principal, Heidrick Consulting (Philadelphia)
  • Scott Tempel, Senior Client Principal, Heidrick Consulting (Costa Mesa)

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