Hanover Fox Launch into Digital Health Sector with Appointment of Mark Rowley

Technology is revolutionising healthcare and the job market along with it.  Analysts are projecting the global digital health industry will grow from $84B in 2019 to $500B by 2025. The timing couldn’t be better. Our health care system has been running on a patchwork of disconnected information systems using fragmented data without the right infrastructure to help people make the most informed decisions. We’re poised for a new era of health intelligence and the digital health job sector is where it starts.  Those who want to put their commercial skills and talents to use to fix one of society’s most urgent problems will find many opportunities in health technology. From major players to innovative clinical  start-ups, the search for exceptional skills is universal.

To discuss our capabilities across this sector, please contact Mark Rowley who will be happy to share his coverage and insights from his recent years of HealthTech recruitment.

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