Fitco Consulting Combining IChing with Executive Search

Fitco Consulting Pte Ltd. announced their innovation of executive search service initiative: to combine IChing and executive search. IChing is a very preferred (management consulting) tool for China's SOE and private businesses senior management for their important decision making process.

IChing (The Book of Changes) was transcribed approximately 5000 years ago in China’s first ever capital city, today named AnYang, which is located in Northern Henan Province only 2 hours by high speed train from Beijing and 6 hours from Shanghai.

AnYang was formerly called YouLi when the book was authored by the highly popular among the people, Zhou WenWang, which motivated a fearful Emperor Shang Zhou to imprison him. This turned into a blessing for mankind for during his 8 year incarceration he studied astrology and the workings of the world and wrote “ZhouYi “ which is the Chinese name for the Book of Changes in which he conceived the 64 hexagrams which contain earthly wisdoms that are the foundations of IChing and contained truths applicable to harmony and survival at a time of minimal technology when humans lived close to nature.

No other writing has had such a major influence on China’s history and culture for leaders such as Confucius and Chairman Mao were both deep believers and both Yin & Yang and Feng Shui are 2 of IChing’s best known phenomenon that are widely known and acknowledged across the world. Iching’s astrological teachings bear a close resemblance to Newtonian physics which is now scientifically accepted as the truth of the workings of the universe and our planets physics. Since ancient times, people have consistently explored IChing mysteries and although nowadays we have advanced science and technology, IChing still remains largely unknown to the world, a matter Fitco is striving to change with a Global IChing Center in AnYang.

Since October 2017 at our invitation, 2 of China’s most experienced IChing masters have been invited from AnYang to base themselves in Shanghai and deliver weekly lectures. They are known as Mr Wu and Ms. Xing and were born and have lived in the south of AnYang where Iching originates. Over 30 years of in-depth IChing studies from astronomy to geology, on subjects such as BahChee, Six Yao and FengShui they have converted their many years of theoretical studies and practice to help illuminate individuals with their destinies and are making efforts to promote IChing culture and wisdom to the world.