EXEC Announces Jairo Okret as New Strategic Consultant and Adviser

EXEC, the largest national executive selection consultancy for the top echelons, is very proud to announce that Jairo Okret is its newest advisor and strategic consultant.

With more than 30 years of a successful trajectory helping companies, from startups to large global corporations, to solve business problems in order to become more efficient, generating value and potentializing results, the executive arrives to add, with all his know-how of years in the area of ​​Executive Search. With a career focused on the technology, professional services, and telecommunications market, he has also dedicated himself to the areas of financial services, retail and consumption.

For Jairo, the important thing is not only to meet people, but to understand the profile of skills and competencies, as well as the bottlenecks of business in the various industries and companies, so that only in order to be able to make the ideal match between what is required and what is offered. the market. In this new phase, the executive will act as EXEC's strategic consultant and advisor, supporting its partners in making strategic decisions and relating to the market.

“Jairo is one of the most recognized consultants in the country, having dedicated a large part of his career to the selection of C-Level executives and Advisers from the largest global companies. For EXEC, it is a privilege to have their expertise and market knowledge,” comments André Freire, Partner-Director of EXEC.

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