Boyden Ireland and The Corporate Governance Institute Collaborate to Cultivate Future Non-Executive Directors

Boyden co-hosted an event at the Royal Dublin Society with the Corporate Governance Institute (CGI) to share insight and counsel on transitioning from an executive to a non-executive role.

The event on 28th September, ‘Bridging your career – from executive to non-executive,’ brought together more than 60 business leaders from Dublin and the regions. It was co-hosted by David W. Duffy, CEO & Co-Founder of the CGI and Kevin Keegan, Maurice Carr and Linda Roberts Power from Boyden Ireland.

“We are delighted to partner with Boyden to promote excellence in corporate governance and share counsel in how to become a non-executive director,” commented David W. Duffy. “Ireland has an impressive cadre of senior executives who with the right advice and support can make a significant contribution to business and Ireland’s economic prospects”.

The event included a panel discussion moderated by Journalist, Author, Broadcaster, and Board Director Dearbhail McDonald, with panelists Gillian Harford, Country Executive, 30% Club Ireland; Conor Brady, Chair, Author and Journalist; John Dembitz, Chairman and Non-Executive Director; and David W. Duffy.

John Dembitz explained the power of the ‘positive no’. “A ‘positive no’ is where no is applied for the right reasons when no is applied to safeguard the business from wrong investment decision, expansion decisions, divestment decision, people decisions, behavioral issues such as bullying, diversity and inclusion and so on.“

Gillian Harford pointed to Ireland’s success in having 32 percent female board members on the ISEQ 20, commenting, “Diversity brings richer conversation, a wider scope of reference and more interesting input and solutions. Getting away from ‘group think’ means not being afraid to ask  questions, however challenging they may seem.”

Discussions highlighted the distinct role of the non-executive, explained by Conor Brady, “You are not going to be hired for your technical expertise, but for your judgment, your values, experience and reputation. it’s important to consider your higher purpose and the kind of organizations that will enable you to leave an authentic corporate legacy of which you are proud.”

Kevin Keegan, Partner, Boyden Ireland said, “There is significant interest from organizations looking for world-class, diverse non-executive directors and from executives keen to leverage their knowledge and expertise in a different capacity. Our purpose at Boyden is to be the best we can be in cultivating, curating and connecting Irish companies and global leadership talent”.

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