AltoPartners: Going Green – Accord India Lives The Ethos Of Good Corporate Citizenship

In today’s global economy, corporate responsibility is more than just “a business imperative”… It is an absloute non-negotiable.

Accord India, a founding member of AltoPartners, believe that being good corporate citizens and understanding the fundamental impact that they can have on the world around them has become a daily part of their corporate ethos… and it’s good karma too!

Long known as the firm that champions diversity, they are increasingly becoming known for their environmental initiatives too.

For every search they complete (candidate they place successfully), they plant a tree in the name of that candidate and have partnered with Grow-Trees, the official tree planting partner for United Nations Environment Program’s Billion-tree campaign. It is also the official partner of WWF’s Cities for Forests Campaign and United Nations Decade on Biodiversity. in collaboration with its planting partners, NGOs, rural and tribal communities and 160+ corporate, partners have planted 34,87,986 trees since inception in June 2010.

Accord India are supporting a specific project - Trees for Forests and Wildlife at the Periphery of Sundarbans National Park (West Bengal).

An independent auditor through its elaborate site visits has quoted a survival rate of above 85% of the trees planted via Each tree planted will have a unique ID number which is mentioned on the certificate that each placed candidate receives, allowing them to monitor their personal tree online on the Grow Trees website.

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