AltoPartners Announces New Partner Firm in Portugal with offices in Angola and Mozambique

AltoPartners announced that Talent Search, an executive search consultancy headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, with an office in Luanda, Angola, has joined the ever-increasing international alliance. The AltoPartners alliance has experienced rapid growth by partnering with renowned, local boutique search firms and now has an on-the-ground presence of 59 offices in 37 countries. 
Talent Search, founded and led by José Caetano Silva, is a retained executive search and leadership consultancy focused on maximising the value gained through a Return on Talent (RoT) for their clients. The firm’s philosophy is that winning companies are those that invest in talent, enabling people to express themselves through their actions and creating conditions for them to set an example and remain in the organisation. With offices in Portugal and Angola, the team also have experience working in Mozambique, servicing the requirements of Portuguese-speaking multinational companies.
José Caetano Silva, Talent Search Founding Partner, says: "It is a tremendous opportunity joining AltoPartners, considered to be one of the best Global Alliances in our business. In
AltoPartners we found partners with deep local knowledge and a common focus on quality, which now allows us to help our clients across borders with the same attention to detail and focus on quality. With over 10 very intensive years hiring top level executives, I believe that our deep understanding of emerging economies, particularly Portuguese speaking Africa, can be shared and will be helpful to AltoPartners. We are looking forward to being an active partner in our new organization."
“International expansion is crucial for our cross-border client success, however finding the right partners who embody our approach, philosophy and values has been at the fore of our partner search. I am delighted that we have found such a partner in José and the team from Talent Search. The ability to function across borders into multiple geographical locations is paramount to business success in today’s dynamic business environment. Through Talent Search we are able to connect clients in Brazil, Portugal and Portuguese-speaking African and ultimately service them seamlessly countries across borders” said Stephen Dallamore, AltoPartners Global Chairman.