AltoPartners Announces New Partner Firm in Brazil

The global footprint of AltoPartners is growing through the addition of a new international partner firm in Brazil. The AltoPartners alliance has experienced rapid growth by partnering with renowned, local boutique search firms and now has an on-the-ground presence of 59 offices in 37 countries. AltoPartners proudly announces that Plongê gente e gestão, a leading boutique executive search and leadership consulting firm based in São Paulo Brazil – has joined the alliance to further strengthen the AltoPartners presence across South America.
Plongê, founded by Alda Araújo, Ana Luiza Loureiro and Renata Fabrini, is a consultancy firm focused on people strategy that dives deep with its clients to build a value proposition well-attuned to modern society and its challenges. Plongê has a clear purpose grounded in four core values that are: authenticity, provoke, depth and embrace.
“We joined AltoPartners mainly because we see a full alignment with our core values and the desire to be connected with people that share the same thoughts and beliefs”, says Ana Luiza Loureiro, Plongê co-Founding Partner.
The firm’s services include executive search; studies and market trends; as well as organizational development, with the ultimate aim to provide input to the design of an organization’s effective and successful People Strategy.
Renata Fabrini, Plongê co-Founding Partner, says: "We truly believe that in this technological world, the great differentiator will be the ‘experience’ lived by each human being. Being part of a group that is aligned with this belief is a great opportunity and gives us strength to pursue our purpose ."
“The team at Plongê are exceptional and have established strong reputations within the Brazilian market. Their unique approach to executive search and leadership consulting enables them to assess their clients’ businesses and provide solutions which address the total client need. We are very proud to have such a high calibre team join the AltoPartners international family. Not only are they market leaders, but their values and the approach to doing business perfectly mirrors the AltoPartners business approach and philosophy” said Stephen Dallamore, AltoPartners Global Chairman.