Seeliger y Conde Morocco Joins AltoPartners: AltoPartners Strategic Growth Across Africa Continues

The ability to attract high-caliber, globally renowned boutique executive search member firms is a hallmark of AltoPartners’ global success. 2020 has been a year of continued growth for the AltoPartners alliance through the addition of new partner firms in Mexico, Hong Kong, Spain, Colombia and now, Morocco. We are delighted to welcome leading Moroccan search firm Seeliger y Conde Morocco. Headed by Javier Canals, a widely respected multilingual search consultant and executive advisor, the firm is based in Casablanca and covers the North Africa region.

“We are delighted to be part of the AltoPartners global alliance of executive search partners. Being part of AltoPartners is a significant step in our commitment to Africa, strengthening our footprint on the continent. This strategic partnership comes at a challenging time where the regional reach is key for our clients’ development”, says Javier Canals, Managing Partner of Seeliger y Conde Morocco.

The addition of Morocco to the AltoPartners alliance solidifies the African continent and Middle East coverage and provides on-the-ground support in Angola, Morocco, Mozambique, South Africa and United Arab Emirates – coverage that also extends to neighboring African and Middle Eastern countries. Through these firms, AltoPartners offers clients support in Arabic, English, French and Portuguese.

Stephen Dallamore, AltoPartners Global Chairman, says: “We have a significant track-record of actual experience and expertise on-the-ground across the African continent having worked in over 20 African countries. Through our global partners, we understand the local country nuances and are effectively able to meet our clients’ specific needs, offering them local market insights, strategic advisory services and sourcing the right local talent to drive their business strategies forward in Africa. Our strategic alliance growth has afforded us the opportunity to partner with firms who share our passion, our business goals, and most importantly our values. Welcome to Javier and team!”

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